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Formglas products enable architects and designers to incorporate complex or simple elements that lend an exciting dimension to interior and exterior spaces. They have been tested around the world and meet the most stringent fire codes. Formglas materials are lightweight, safe to work with and relatively easy to install. The majority of our products are made for specific projects using custom molds and tooling created with the help of the most advanced CNC equipment available, resulting in parts that are unmatched in quality and accuracy.

GRG is a highly versatile material that facilitates the creation of practical, classical, modern or artistic designs. More
GFRC's durability, natural stone appearance, and range of color and finishing options provides considerable design flexibility. More
QuarryCast® enables architects and designers to incorporate elements with a natural stone look. More
By combining metal powders, minerals and glass fibers, MetalCast® elements equal or surpass the elegant beauty of conventional castings. More
FRP by Formglas is a versatile lightweight material that is durable and may be cast in a virtually endless array of shapes, colors and textures. More
Committed to protecting our environment Formglas works closely with architects and designers to develop solutions for LEED® construction projects. More
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