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Jim Lawler of Steelcase Inc, a global office environment manufacturer with emphasis on interior architecture, office furnishings and technology, entrusted Joey Shimoda founder of Shimoda Design Group in LA with the task to create a unique showroom for their Chicago Merchandise Mart location. The Steelcase Worklife Center is a 25,000 sq ft space consisting of three showrooms in the southwest end of the third floor.

In January 2008, Joey Shimoda came to Formglas with a vision. The challenge to Formglas, help finalize the design and manufacture three main elements.

The Totems: Elliptical column covers with a geometric faceted design varying in size all with a unique flavor.

A Grille Wall: A screen that had to function both esthetically and functionally as a return air louver for the building's exhaust system with 70% openings tying in the 3 showrooms down a narrow corridor.

The Body: An ergonomic optic screen that separates the hospitality area used for presentations and training as well as a Café, from the rest of the showroom without being a solid barrier.
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