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The Atlantis Dubai, a $1.5 billion dollar resort and water theme park located in Dubai Jumeriah Palm, was one of the most exciting projects that Formglas ever had the pleasure of working on.
This architectural wonder, that opened in the fall of 2008, has towering arches, arabesque domes and ornate spires that demonstrate Formglas' ability to shape endless possibilities. With similar features to its sister resort. Atlantis Bahamas, the Dubai project entailed more innovative design in line with the Moroccan and Indian-based architectural themes, and provided Formglas with an opportunity to specifically custom design and engineer all geometric patterns for this project.

Throughout the entire facility, from the grand entrance to most restaurants, Formglas' presence dominates with spectacular features such as the grand 100 foot diameter dome made of GRG, QuarryCast® (QC) arches and columns, and other supplied custom decorative elements. With MetalCast® (MC) mural panels, fish scale panels, and mini domes that continue the aquatic design, they are highlighted by the large scale aquarium, which is the largest open-air marine habitat in the world and home to over 65,000 marine animals in various lagoons and displays. At the Formglas Toronto facility, there were five full-time sculptors engaged for 1 year, sculpting the various intricate items seen in the main lobby.

Application Highlights

  1. General elements supplied: ceiling domes (GRG), ceiling beams (Factory painted GRG – wood grain finish), arches (QC), sculpted columns (QC & MC), door casings (QC), moldings (QC), decorative friezes (QC & MC), and sculpted murals (QC & MC)
  2. The restaurants (Buffet, Pizza, Brasserie, Steakhouse and Pearl/Gourmet) included various QC, MC, GRG and painted GRC elements.
  3. The grand lobby entrance included custom domes (GRG), arches (QC), columns (QC), decorative beams (QC), murals (MC), fish scale panels (MC), and brackets (QC).
  4. A 1/5th scale mock-up of major features was produced in Toronto for the customer to review and approve prior to manufacturing the full scale parts.
  5. All main corridors including: door and arch casings (QC) and sculpted brackets (QC).
  6. The retail area included custom sculpted GRG leaf panels, ceiling elements and QC custom arches and casings.
  7. The conference Center included custom decorative GRG shell panels, custom QC honey comb columns & pilasters and all QC casings.
  8. The Royal and Bridge Suites included custom sculpted (MC) column shafts.
  9. The elevator lobby included all (QC) door casings.
  10. The Spa included decorative brackets (QC), painted/stained GRG beams, and GFRC baseboards.
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